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  • Ashurna

    A kingdom in the North Eastern part of Arduna. Was taken over by the neighbouring kingdom of Khepras some 100 years ago. It population recently revolted and tried to claim their independence but the King of Khepras would have none of that and sent his …

  • Khepras

    A large Kingdom (made up of both North & South Khepras) in the North Eastern area of Arduna. It sits above both the massive Empire of Vashkhor and the smaller, mysterious land of Shar and below the dangerous Wilderlands.

  • Jonaus

    Jonaus was the mistreated senechal to the now deceased King of Khepras. With is inside knowledge of the ex-kings dealing and habits, plus a wide knowledge of Khepras politics and history, he is a valuable source of knowledge for the Players during …

  • Baron Stormmount

    Baron Stormmount is an honorable nobleman of Khepras. He hopes that with the death of the last King, and the aid of the PC's, to recover long lost artifacts that will help find a true and noble King and return Khepras it's honour and standing in Arduna.