Tag: Fort Phoenix


  • Part One - Chapter One

    The Players have been making their way south with a group of about 30 other refugees, mostly woman and children. The early spring days have been wet and cold, making the journey a muddy and tiring trek. During the trek the players have met each …

  • Ashurna

    A kingdom in the North Eastern part of Arduna. Was taken over by the neighbouring kingdom of Khepras some 100 years ago. It population recently revolted and tried to claim their independence but the King of Khepras would have none of that and sent his …

  • Fort Phoenix

    Fort Phoenix is the name with which the players christened the ancient and well hidden Keep they discovered during their first adventure together. They have led a large number of the Ashurna refugees to this Keep and it has now become a growing …

  • Cappy

    'Cappy is one of the refugees from Ashurna. A former sailor and merchant he now pilots one of the river boats being used by the Fort Phoenix community for trade up and down the Baskaly River.

  • Hepiena

    Hepiena is an elderly Ashurna woman with rustic magical skills that have been passed down in her family for centuries. She has taken up an active roll in Fort Phoenix as a community leader.

  • Baiden

    Baiden is a dwarf engineer, forced to flee south with all of the other refugees from Ashurna. He has taken on the job of refortifying, repairing and defending Fort Phoenix.