Tag: Ally


  • Flynn

    Flynn is a young man raised in a quiet farming community. He has learned a little bit of everything from his elders, a bit of magic (mainly useful, non-combat spells), a bit of self-defense, a bit of history, lore and practical skills. He longs for travel …

  • Cappy

    'Cappy is one of the refugees from Ashurna. A former sailor and merchant he now pilots one of the river boats being used by the Fort Phoenix community for trade up and down the Baskaly River.

  • Hepiena

    Hepiena is an elderly Ashurna woman with rustic magical skills that have been passed down in her family for centuries. She has taken up an active roll in Fort Phoenix as a community leader.

  • Baiden

    Baiden is a dwarf engineer, forced to flee south with all of the other refugees from Ashurna. He has taken on the job of refortifying, repairing and defending Fort Phoenix.

  • Baron Stormmount

    Baron Stormmount is an honorable nobleman of Khepras. He hopes that with the death of the last King, and the aid of the PC's, to recover long lost artifacts that will help find a true and noble King and return Khepras it's honour and standing in Arduna.