Talan Blackblade

Human, Ulruani male, hidden behind a cowled, flowing cloak. Wearing light armor with two scabbards flanking his hip.


Talan Blackblade holds himself to the highest ideals and honor but has resigned himself to not expect the same of others. Having grown up facing constant prejudice and scorn as an Ulronai he is ever alert for treachery and danger and is hesitant to trust many outside of his people. Contrary to this is his deep desire to be accepted into groups or places, and when he does find this solace he is fiercely protective of it. Talan speaks little but is polite (if terse) in his dealings and often those that meet him perceive him as having a grim manner. This is a misnomer as he is simply guarded and quiet outwardly but those he has befriended find him loyal, thoughtful and quite the optimist. Talan is a perfectionist and can often be found training his martial skills or meditating to balance his mind when at camp.


Talan Blackblade

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