A inhumanly evil and powerful wizard with dark and deadly plans.


Unknown. All who have looked upon Kal-Turak have either pledged undying devotion to him, or died by his hand or spell.


Nothing is commonly known about Kal-Turak until he used massive, unholy magic to reform the lands to the North and create his “wall” in 4915. At that time he sent out a missive declaring all lands and people north of the wall to be under his domain.

Since that time rumors and gossip have spread of his influence and dark hand being behind numerous disasters, wars and unnatural events all across Arduna.

Most people, Kings and peasants alike, believe it is only a matter of time before he begins a campaign to conquer all of Ambrethal.

It now seems that Kal-Turak was the behind the slaughter of the Blackblade Clan. One of his servants, arranged for the King of Khepras to hire out mercenaries to kill off the clan and steal the mystical artifact they protected. In exchange for retrieving this artifact Kal-Turak was going to use his power and the forces under his control to protect Khepras from the invading Vashkhor army. it is unknown at this time why Kal-Turak wanted this artifact and whether he will once again attempt to retrieve it.


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