xShadows of the Blood Wolf

Part One - Chapter Three

In Which the Heroes make a new ally and travel north to recover the Rod & Ring of Khepras

The party, along with Jonaus, traveled to the estate of Baron Stormmount a two day ride from the Castle. Jonaus thought that the Baron would be a good man to speak with about restoring Khepras since the previous King hated him so much.

When the team arrived at the estate they were given a heroes welcome. News of their exploits had already reached the Baron and he greatly pleased with what that had done. Although he also worried for them, since they were now sure to have provoked the anger of Kal-Turak.

The party and the Baron discussed the future of Khepras and the baron told them of the glories of the past Khepras Kings before a great disaster wiped out the main bloodline 3 centuries ago. he felt that if the historical Kingly artifacts could be recovered then a true, noble King could be found to take the throne, but if it was to be done, then it would have to be done quickly, for it was only a matter of time before the King’s no good son would return and take up the crown for himself.

The Baron told the party about the rise and fall of Ellassa, the previous capitol of Khepras and the legend of the Rod & Ring of Khepras (Rod of Khepras,Ring of Khepras) and the Great Tomb of the Ancestors. the highlights were thus:

• Tradition and lore has it that when a king died, his body was given to the keepers of the Great Tomb of the ancestors where he was laid to rest within for a moon and a day, with all of his kingly possessions. This was to show those who greeted him in the afterlife that he was a king in this world and should be treated as such in the next. After the month and a day was over, loyal servants of the tomb would bring out the Rod & Ring and give them to the new King in a royal ceremony at the steps of the tomb.

• But during the two days after the last true king of Khepras was laid to rest a great disaster befell the capital city. First a giant fire broke out and the city burned for a full week, then the waves rose and the ocean swelled across the lands, putting out the fires, but destroying everything that was left standing. Today the ruins of Ellassa and the wasted lands at its steps are rumored to be overrun with goblins and orcs and monsters of all shapes and sizes. No right thinking man has ever dared venture to far into the wastes or dared dock at the cities old waterfront in the last 300 years.

• The Great Tomb of the Ancestors is built high into a hillside, it was already there when the first men began to settle in Khepras. Who built it, or when is unknown, but the first people considered it a sacred place. A group of monks or “keepers” rose up to guard and maintain the necropolis. No others, not even kings, were allowed inside… at least not while they still lived.

So the party readied themselves and set out for the ruins of Ellassa. The Baron charted them a large boat to make the journey up the coast. For the first few days everything was fine, but then they got close to ancient cities ruined port.

A large storm had rose up and the waves were rocking the ship. The Captain was worried about going further, but he had his orders. Talan was at the bow and noticed figures in the water below he went to warn the captain, but as he got there a massive Water Elemental began rising up over the side of the ship. Things quickly went down hill from there. As the Party readied to fight the creature, a group of Shark-Men began scaling the other side of the ship. The fight was on. The Creatures killed of a lot of the crew and the ship was rudderless and at the mercy of the seas. The party managed to defeat the attacking foes, but seconds after the battle the ship smashed upon the rocks, sending most of the remaining crew and party into the black waters.

Dawn found the party half-drowned and washed ashore at the banks of the ruined city. Now with out any means to return home, they must somehow survive the haunted ruins, finish the mission and find someway to safely return.


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