Shadows of the Blood Wolf

It is a time for heroes to rise before the shadows fall

The last 400 years have been relatively peaceful across all of Ambrethal. No continent wide wars have erupted, although smaller battles between rival kingdoms are still common. Then about 85 years ago massive earthquakes shook the lands, especially in the north. The land to the North shifted and a massive cliff rose up, stretching thousands of miles cross what were once flat plains.

A Wizard and Necromancer by the name of Kal-Turak, with powers and magic like none seen since the years of the Graven Spear, took credit for this event and declared all lands north of the “wall” to be his domain. Since that time rumors have been circulating that Kal-Turak is amassing a massive army of goblins, orcs and other foul beings and that it is only a matter of time before he will declare war up on all of Arduna.

Under the shadows of the looming threat of Kal-Turak the lands and kingdoms of Arduna have once again become dangerous places.

Nations are on edge and ready to lash out at any perceived threat, real or imaginary. Kings and rulers spy and plot against each other, ever worried that one of their rivals may have pledged allegiance to Kal-Turak and are now pawns at work for the dark mage.

In the woods, Mountains and wild lands of Ambrethal creatures and monsters have become more aggressive and numerous. Emboldened by the new darkness that has beset the land they make all areas off the beaten paths even more dangerous then ever before.

And even man has turned on man. Bandits now plague the roads that once offered quick, safe travel and trade from city to city.

In this time of darkness everyone, man or beast, seems to be fighting for himself, and the weak are but the prey on which the feed.

It is a time for heroes, indeed it is perhaps the last chance for heroes, to rise and make a stand against the looming shadows.

xShadows of the Blood Wolf

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